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Data breaches and security incidents are becoming an everyday occurrence and it is only a matter of time before your company is next. How much damage does the average data breach or security incident cost? According to George Washington University, $6.5 million dollars.

Our mission is to minimize threats and mitigate incidents before they become costly mistakes and damage your reputation and business.

Is your luck running out? Could you be next to suffer a data breach or security incident?

NextSecure Audit

Gain visibility and uncover network and security risks that leave your organization vulnerable to threats.

Our comprehensive network and security audits provide the information you need to make definitive decisions about the security of your company and your end-users. With easy to understand reports, you can confidently act in order to protect your company’s reputation, assets, and end-users.

NextSecure Score

After a thorough assessment, we provide an easy to understand score that is reflective of your current infrastructure and the vulnerabilities that exist. The score provides an at-a-glance summary and metrics to actively track improvements to your score over time.

Real-Time Security Monitoring

Real-Time monitoring of your critical infrastructure provides immediate responses to threats and vulnerabilities that have been exploited by criminals or end-users.

Security & Technology Road Map

Working as a team, we create a customized security mitigation plan that prioritizes and addresses critical vulnerabilities and threats. With a quarterly review of your plan, you can rest assured that your security is our priority.

End-User Security Training

Technology and security are only as effective as the people using it. Many vulnerabilities are knowingly or unknowingly created by end-users, which is why training is essential to maintaining the security of your technology. We review policies, procedures, and controls to ensure you and your employees continuously improve your security.

On-Going Support

On-Going support is critical to maintaining a secure and productive workforce. We provide a US based network operations center dedicated to your on-going support needs. Our network operations center provides multiple tiers of support and no request is too small or too big for us to handle.

We’ve worked with a few IT companies over the years, but were dissatisfied with either the service or skills of the companies. Begrudgingly, we switched to Next Strategic Technologies after a recommendation from a new employee who worked with them previously. They completely changed the way we thought about technology and how it affects our business! John meets with us quarterly to assess where we stand on security and productivity and the engineers are always available for questions or concerns we may have. We’ve become more productive and we aren’t dealing with IT problems multiple times a day. It’s been 7 years now, and we couldn’t be happier!

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Are You NEXT?

Is your luck running out? Are you the next to suffer a data breach or security incident? Or are you next to secure your infrastructure and data to prevent becoming another statistic? Don’t wait until it is too late.

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